Parish Health Ministry (PHM) encourages health awareness and provides opportunities to share the healing ministry of Christ with others.

This ministry integrates traditions of the Christian community with the knowledge and tools of modern health care. This goal is achieved through:
Interdependence among God’s people
Increased self-knowledge
Personal responsibility
Integration and balance of mind, body, and spirit

View the Parish Health Ministry flyer HERE

The PHM is guided by the parish nurse in collaboration with the pastoral staff and by the PHM Council.

Barb Baker is our parish nurse and Director of Health Ministries.
Barb is an RN who is a member of Prince of Peace and has been practicing nursing for more than 40 years. She brings skill and knowledge from her experiences in the hospital setting and previous practice as a parish nurse prior to moving to the Columbus area. Barb can help you navigate the healthcare system, provide general support, and be a listening ear. The services of the health ministry are confidential, non-invasive, and not intended to duplicate services that currently exist.

Contact our Parish Nurse,
at Barb.Baker.POPnurse@gmail.com
or through the church office at (614) 766-6377 ext. 20.

PHM Council members are Jen Blough, Rod Blough, Jess Lweno, Lynette Mehl, Kiran McCoy, Nancy Rohlfing, and Diane Reimer.

PHM Team members are members of the congregation who have experience or interest in health matters and this ministry and support the activities of PHM

PHM reaches out to youth, families, seniors, and community. It provides a variety of opportunities for health and wellness through education, guidance, visitation, and support.

Caring Connections
is a visitation ministry that provides an opportunity for individuals and their families to remain connected to the church at a time when it may otherwise be difficult to do so.
View the Caring Connections flyer HERE

Personal Health Records (PHRs)
are records that you or a trusted family member or friend create to provide pertinent, updated, and streamlined information. Even in the world of electronic medical records, it can be important to keep your own PHR.
View the Parish Health Record flyer HERE

Welcome Home Meals
provides a meal to the home of those who have recently had a baby, new adoption, or have been discharged from the hospital. Contact Barb Baker to request a meal.
View the Welcome Home Meals flyer HERE

Medical Equipment Closet
offers a variety of equipment available for loan. The church office has a catalog of available items. Please borrow and return items through the church office.
View the Medical Equipment flyer HERE

An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and two EMERGENCY MEDICAL KITS (for large medical events)
are located outside the offices, near the restrooms.

First Aid Kits
are located next to the AED outside the church offices, in the kitchen on a shelf under the clock, in the church office, and in the sacristy (the room behind the altar).

about Parish Health Ministry, upcoming events, and other materials can be found in the Peace Signs newsletter, the Prince of Peace website, and the PHM display.

can be found HERE